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Navegador Opera 62 é lançado

O Opera 62 acaba de sair com varias melhorias, confira os detalhes e como o instalar na sua distribuição Debian e derivados.


Opera é um navegador da web desenvolvido pela companhia Opera Software e disponibilizado para Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X e Linux, usando o motor Blink. Uma antiga versão que funciona com o motor Presto ainda pode ser usada no FreeBSD, além dos outros sistemas operacionais. Wikipédia

Opera 62

Esse lançamento vem com diversas melhorias e correções, confira no Clanglog abaixo.

62.0.3331.18 – 2019-06-27 blog post
DNA-78204 Unable to run Opera again after closing it with snapshot opened
DNA-79036 Promote O62 to stable
62.0.3331.14 – 2019-06-19 blog post
CHR-7433 Update chromium on desktop-stable-75-3331 to 75.0.3770.80
DNA-75726 Crash at opera::StartPagePreloadService::GetStartPage()
DNA-77696 Bring back start-page preload service to stabilization branches
DNA-78473 Opera Portable (“USB”) loses settings and extensions after starting on other machines
DNA-78673 Opera opens with opera://startpage instead of Speed Dial
62.0.3331.10 – 2019-06-13 blog post
DNA-77864 Quitting Opera shows ‘Close Window’ warning when quit warning is disabled
DNA-77962 Zombie received -currentTab
DNA-78159 Crash at opera::network_requests::NetworkRequestManagerImpl::EraseRequest(opera::network_requests::NetworkRequestManagerImpl::OngoingRequest*)
DNA-78252 Crash at opera::BrowserWindowCocoa::GetWebViewBounds() const
DNA-78346 Crash at service_manager::Main(service_manager::MainParams const&)
DNA-78406 Extensions overflow chevron appears after extension installation
62.0.3331.8 – 2019-06-10 blog post
DNA-77858 News section display a tiny part of an article image
DNA-78166 [Win] Deny access and reload button doesn’t work
DNA-78270 [Mac] Memory leak
DNA-78279 Options for personal news in settings are missing
62.0.3331.5 – 2019-06-04 blog post
DNA-78362 ‘Check failed: mtime_result’ during desktop_common_unittests
DNA-78394 Promote desktop-stable-75-3331 to beta
DNA-78416 Disable management.installReplacementWebApp API
62.0.3331.2 – 2019-05-29 blog post
DNA-75307 Icon refresh [Mac] Make it possible to easily use PNG images from resources
DNA-75997 opera_autoupdate.exe ran from scheduled task doesn’t sent information about product edition
DNA-76359 Closing dev tools scrolls page to top
DNA-77084 Backport cache control fix for external suggestions to O60 stable
DNA-77149 Add redirect from old chrome://startpage/extensions to new chrome://extensions
DNA-77252 Pre-fill auth cache with Freedom proxy credentials
DNA-77290 [mac mojave] not possible to minimize Opera if it’s inactive application
DNA-77368 EasySetup’s styling in different languages breaks
DNA-77459 Requests bypass Freedom proxy in some NetworkService process crash cases
DNA-77481 [Mac] Use views for permission revoke popups
DNA-77522 Add “Use bigger tiles” option to Settings page
DNA-77701 article.css is parsed 50 times when loading the start page
DNA-77703 Embedded fonts on startpage takes 35 ms to parse
DNA-77707 Remove unused Easy Setup components
DNA-77710 Remove NavBar components
DNA-77785 [WinLin] Address bar icons – ugly highlight
DNA-77860 [Mac] [dark mode] Missing line under address bar
DNA-77862 [Mac] Recover button on opera:update problems with clicking
DNA-77948 Handle mojo connection errors in Freedom classes
DNA-77962 Zombie received -currentTab
DNA-77984 Move quality to opera_components
DNA-78016 [Windows] Confirm quit dialog has a wrong title
DNA-78037 Crash at base::Time::Explode(bool, base::Time::Exploded*)
DNA-78055 Memory leak in PrefProviderTest
DNA-78059 Missing dependency on theme_default_generated in theme_views.h
DNA-78060 Caret is not visible in ctrl+f search field
DNA-78068 FilePathWatcher destroyed on the wrong sequence
DNA-78071 Enable opera://conflicts
DNA-78081 [Mac][Lin] Sidebar menu button doesn’t work
DNA-78082 Unexpected shadow on extensions page
DNA-78090 [Mac] Browser crashes when logging out from Telegram sidebar app
DNA-78091 [WinLin] Icon refresh – Replace all default-visible icons on toolbar
DNA-78118 Investigate how error-prone will checking the schema version against the schema contents during build time will be
DNA-78160 Use-after-free in BrowserCommandsTest.ExportBookmarksDoesNotCreateFileWhenUserSelectsCancelOnSaveAsDialog
DNA-78217 Change disposition from NEW_BACKGROUND_TAB to NEW_FOREGROUND_TAB
DNA-78241 Wrong number of open tabs and windows are displayed in warning dialog
62.0.3323.0 – 2019-05-20 blog post
DNA-63788 Make opera:media-engagement internal page working in Opera
DNA-77348 [CryptoWallet] “Emergency Reset” sounds too scary
DNA-77843 DNS queries are leaking with NetworkService enabled
DNA-77944 [Linux] Dragging text onto tab bar does not trigger search
DNA-77954 DCHECK in ChromiumBasedHistoryImporter::ClearTemporaryHistoryService()
DNA-77962 Zombie received -currentTab
DNA-77964 Handle ReportDuplicates from crash_reporter::DumpWithoutCrashing()
DNA-77974 Make sure that the BrowserContextKeyedService factories are initialized
DNA-77986 Dragged tab header is not visible in private mode
DNA-77997 SD flicker buster does not care about zoom on internal pages
DNA-78002 No text on snapshot hint in light mode
DNA-78010 Crash at opera::FreedomProxyRequestHandler::MaybeStartTransaction(net::URLRequest*)
62.0.3319.0 – 2019-05-15 blog post
CHR-7022 Avoid using LASTCHANGE.committime to generate build timestamp
CHR-7355 Update chromium on master to 75.0.3753.4
CHR-7381 Update chromium on master to 75.0.3766.2
CHR-7396 Attempt to handle “pipe busy” in OS_WIN CreateChannel
CHR-7402 Update chromium on master to 75.0.3770.27
DNA-73417 Switch to chromium spellcheck dictionaries
DNA-74129 Remote Features: Post rollout cleanup
DNA-74262 Make sure Mojo security guidelines are followed in freedom
DNA-75088 Make sure VPN behavior is sensible in face of NetworkService process crash
DNA-76501 [Mac] Quick access pane: glitch after changing theme
DNA-76531 Update Toolkit to version 0.60.0
DNA-76813 [mac] Login dialog is not aware of changing browser theme
DNA-76820 RulesCacheTest.ShouldDownloadNotExistingRules is flaky
DNA-76869 Opening links from cryptowallet doesnt hide the panel when unpinned
DNA-76911 Sidebar messengers error pages doesn’t recognize dark mode
DNA-76933 Crash at views::Widget::CloseWithReason(views::Widget::ClosedReason)
DNA-77014 Quitting Opera should show warning specific to quitting
DNA-77016 Do not show Quit warning when consciously restarting the browser
DNA-77020 No warning on closing installer using keyinput
DNA-77033 Doesn’t work with
DNA-77038 [win] Cursor changes position when typing installation path
DNA-77146 Ugly autofill form
DNA-77225 [Linux] Pop out video interrupts and repeats fragments of video
DNA-77232 Prepare and request translations for UI strings
DNA-77242 Add image for search engines on SD search for Ukraine
DNA-77248 [Win10&Lin] Autofill is unreadable when system theme is dark
DNA-77344 cannot be used with Opera! (works perfectly with Microsoft Edge)
DNA-77345 [CryptoWallet] Dismiss QR code when it expires
DNA-77346 Use bigger tiles after update to R3 for some users
DNA-77364 Implement the screenshot solution for slow sd load
DNA-77416 Layout doesn’t align well when dynamically changing tile size
DNA-77430 Make sure we show at most two rows of data
DNA-77464 Cannot make a snap of website part hidden above upper edge
DNA-77467 [Mac] The extensions sidebar is white in dark theme
DNA-77483 String freeze (04.23.2019)
DNA-77490 [Mac] Opera window does not open when clicking on the icon
DNA-77497 FreedomStateNotifierImpl emits ready state before applying host mapping rules sometimes
DNA-77498 Exponential backoff isn’t always applied to proxy discovery
DNA-77503 Convert network pages to use prefers-color-scheme
DNA-77504 Drop usage of settingsPrivate in network errors and remove hack from DNA-77005
DNA-77507 Fix the prefers_color_scheme after chromium intake to v75
DNA-77514 Create private APIs for the notification host
DNA-77520 Create a window with sample contents
DNA-77556 [Win] System buttons in snapshot edit window not visible
DNA-77571 Highlighted O-menu inverse colour when sidebar is hidden
DNA-77584 ModuleWatcherTest.ModuleEvents fails on continuous builds
DNA-77585 EasySetup when opening/closing has strange white line
DNA-77604 Browser crash while going into network error page
DNA-77621 [Mac] Opening a new window from the dock in full screen causes weirdness
DNA-77635 [Youtube] Low quality video in Opera
DNA-77663 [es-ES] Translations missing
DNA-77665 Empty description in opera://flags
DNA-77666 Create the DNA service
DNA-77669 Close button is too close to border
DNA-77676 [Mac] Hover state stays after closing tab
DNA-77702 Default startpage wallpaper renders very slowly if you don’t have hardware acceleration
DNA-77722 Turning on adjusting the maximum columns not works with bigger tiles
DNA-77728 Can not build checkout created with git worktree
DNA-77729 [Mac] Tab switching with Ctrl+Tab slow with lots of tabs
DNA-77731 opera://system fails with error ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED
DNA-77745 [Mac] Maximized Opera window expands after watching a video in fullscreen
DNA-77747 forcibly invalidate/update the flicker buster screenshot when there is significant change to the content
DNA-77775 Private mode tab’s favicon and caption is not updated after tab closing
DNA-77790 Crash at base::internal::WeakReference::IsValid()
DNA-77809 [Windows] O menu – History – ‘Recently closed’ is not aligned
DNA-77815 Menu has scrolling
DNA-77836 Create lexer for the simple query language using FLEX
DNA-77847 Allow to choose between suggestions and speed dials
DNA-77853 GPU Crash at rx::ProgramD3D::VertexExecutable::matchesSignature(std::vector const&)
DNA-77865 Text in preference is incorrect
DNA-77870 Allow communication between easy share engine and override app url
DNA-77906 Rewrite NetworkRequestManagerImpl to use SimpleURLLoader
DNA-77917 [Mac] Tab views get leaked
DNA-77922 [Win] Opera not running after importing data from default(chrome) browser 74.0.3729.131
DNA-77933 Make the fix_guards script correctly handle the #endif
DNA-77941 [mac] Security badge doesn’t appear second time
DNA-77956 Semi-random crash in ChromiumBasedCookieImporter::ImportCookies

Algumas novidades visuais

Agora você pode visualizar blocos maiores no SpeedDial, pré-carregamento da página inicial,


Caso já tenha o Opera instalado em seu sistema, basta atualizar o sistema que ele sera atualizado também.


Para ter o Opera siga a matéria abaixo.

Navegador Opera no Debian


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