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Editor de código Graviton no GNU/Linux

O Graviton é uma ótima alternativa para quem busca um editor de códigos, confira essa matéria.


É um APP escrito em electron, esta em fase de desenvolvimento o que indica que muitos recursos ainda serão implementados.

Atualmente ele contem os recursos mais usados em IDE como preenchimento automático, realce de sintaxe ...


  • Temas
  • Plugins
  • Compatibilidade total com os temas existentes do CodeMirror
  • Modo Zen e outras coisas de configuração do editor ...
  • Suporte a destaque de sintaxe de idioma grande
  • Código
  • autocompletar
  • API incrível

Confira abaixo os logs de desenvolvimento.

Graviton Changelog
This file contains "important" commits, small ones will probably not be added.

200610 - 1 [1.0.1]
Added key shortcuts : CTRL+N (Add screen) & CTRL+L (remove the current screen)
Added an info icon on the help dropmenu in "About"
Removing screens is now more accurate
200609 - 2 [1.0.1]
New removing screens dialog design
200609 - 1 [1.0.1]
Fixed, the current screen wasn't changed when it was deleted
Added icons to the dropmenus
Added Default view button
If something is not translated to your language it will be showed in English.
Fixed, now you can press "Ctrl+S" to save the current editing file
Will throw a notification in case you are trying to load a directory which doesn't exist.
Desactivated autocompletion by default cause it's so unstable
Fixed MacOS icon
Now Graviton will probably not throw any error after updating to a new version
200608 - 2 [1.0.1]
Fixed, starting background color wasn't the right one.
200608 - 1 [1.0.0]
Preparing for Beta launch! (v1.0.0)
200607 - 1 [0.7.7]
If you open a file which already has an opened tha it will laod it's tab
200606 - 1 [0.7.7]
Added transparency to all scrollbars (new css variable)
Improved the screens design with more shadows and a rounded corner
Fixed zen mode
Now the status bar shows the language name and not the format.
200605 - 1 [0.7.7]
Made a CarbonaraLive transcompiler plugin (testing)
Improved API, now plugins can create Tabs with custom content, there is also a method which you can use to change the tab's content on live.
Improved the code readibility
Fixed, removing screens weren't working properly
200604 - 1 [0.7.7]
Fixed, now themes cannot override the scalation css variable when the animations are off
Improved stability
Fixed, resizing fonts wasn't working properly
Fixed the dark highlighting theme selecting color transparency was so bad
Fixed, it wasn't saving properly the files
200603 - 1 [0.7.7]
Fixed, single status bar for every editor opened
Fixed, now when you edit a file the right tab is changed
Fixed the autocompletion windows wasn't showring properly
200602 - 2 [0.7.7]
Testing with multiple tabs openeds at the same time
200602 - 1 [0.7.7]
Redesigned plugins page
Fixed, toolbar button weren't focusing
Better directories explorer resizer
200601 - 1 [0.7.7]
Now you can expand the files explorer from left to right by clicking on top right of it and moving the cursor
FINALLY removed that white square on corners of scrollbars
Correct the editors heights
If you reduces the window's size it will still show the dropmenus
Added an image icon for some image formats
Minifided code for the directories and filed indexer
Added a CSS variable for scalation effect
Fixed minimize, close and maximize buttons margin
Fixed, now you can open files as new tabs (previously weren't working)
200530 - 1 [0.7.6]
Fixed, linux-based distros throwed error when turning on "Use system's accent color"
"New Project" window now uses the API, so the performance and stability is better
200529 - 2 [0.7.6]
New light theme
And other fixes
200529 - 1 [0.7.6]
Fixed, content wasn't loading after clicking on an opened tab
200526 - 1 [0.7.6]
Fixed editors height after loading a tab
Redesigned the setup!
More levels on the zoom app slider!
Moved the highlighting switch under Editor settings
Faster boot performance!
Improved editor's infrastructure
Added a "ignore" button in error boot menu
200525 - 1 [0.7.5]
Added an option to use the system's accent color if is available
Added a reboot button in boot error message
Added a CSS color shadows variable
Added an option to enable line wrapping
Redesigned the settings page!
Load system's language if it's supported when setuping Graviton
Updated the website link!
Added scale effect on clicking directories and files in the explorer menu
Faster startup!
Testing a DrebleJS plugin
Added a Window constructor to the API.
200517 - 1 [0.7.4]
Some design changes
200430 - 1 [0.7.4]
Updated build commands
Added credits to the
Added a translation on Settings > Editor > Auto-Completion
Updated version on package.json
Fixed, weren't loading the image format properly on bottom bar
Fixed, the bottom bar content weren't showing properly with Zen mode activated (hiding the explorer panel)
Faster speed at switching between tabs
Updated license
Better image viewer
200429 - 1 [0.7.4]
Added animation at :active buttons of context menu
Fixed, unsaved icon on tabs are not showing properly
Updated themes
Improved Building instructions (
200426 - 1 [0.7.4]
I'm crazy
200425 - 2 [0.7.4]
Fixed, scrolling down with keys while on autocompletion cause to jump line
200425 - 1 [0.7.4]
Fixed, notifcation X button wasn't showing properly
Faster animation on hovering elements on the project-explorer
Fixed, error at clicking a column on TimeFlow
Fixed, the factory reset were throwing error
Added a final page when setuping for the firs time, it says "Thanks for installing Graviton"
Added changelog button on Settings
Translated "Check for updates" button Settings
Fixed, directory-explorer on zen mode was showing a bottom scroll bar
Fixed, throwing error when disabling or enabling syntax highlighting when images are opened on tabs
Added Coffescript, vue, rust, swift, perl, python, haskell, django syntax support
200423 - 1 [0.7.4]
Now the X on tabs is only showed on selected and when hovering
Fixed showing welcome page from the toolbar takes a long delay
200422 - 1 [0.7.4]
Better code format
200421 - 1 [0.7.4]
Unified welcome's page and setting's CSS
Fixed, now you can save a file whereever you want (Save as)
Preload images for a better UX
Testing Git plugin which gives you the last commit of your local project
Smalled code of control buttons
190419 - 1 [0.7.4]
Translated welcome message to spanish and catalan
Improved dialogs API
190418 - 3 [0.7.4]
Fixed from (190418), linux and MacOS were showing the menu bar
More round buttons
Fixed, wrong path for the windows's icon on package.json
Fixed from (190418), the backround element was in front of all
Fixed from (190418), wrong configuration about Windows on package.json
190418 - 2 [0.7.4]
Fixed throws error when changing font-size with any file opened
Added changelog dialog inside the app
Small improvements
190418 - 1 [0.7.4]
Added MacOS support!!
Translated to catalan
Deprecated ukranian (probably temporally)
190417 - 1 [0.7.4]
Translated to spanish
Added a building instructions on
190416 - 2 [0.7.3]
New image(example.jpg) for the readme
190416 - 1 [0.7.3]
Now the top bar is higher
Added scale animation on pressing dropmenu's and dialog's buttons
Added an image viewer, when you open an image it will show it instead of showing the code
Added a toggle for DevTools on Settings > Advanced > Developers
Added the data tag number on the about dialog
Added OS info on Settings > About > Current Version
Added a button to cancel (continue editing file) on the dialog which appears when you try to close a file which is not saved.
190415 - 3 [0.7.3]
Bootanimation background color is now darkgray
If Graviton detects an error when booting it will show up a button which will clean config and logs(As a factory reset).
Fixed Window's icon (icon.ico)
190415 - 2 [0.7.3]
Added icon on linux
190415 - 1 [0.7.3]
Native top bar for Linux. (Windows top bar is part of the electron window)
Now, you can open dev tools even on production state
Now, language's name will be stored as "g_l" instead of "Name" so, "Name" would be able to be translated literally.
Added the logo icon to build
190414 - 1 [0.7.3]
Fixed (already added) auto-completion switch on editor page on Settings.
Fixed, now you can save a file when there is even only one tab opened.
New logo!
Small bug fixes
190413 - 1 [0.7.3]
Unified all the configurations in one object
Cleaned up code
Added a new message on the editors part
New Dark theme highlighting (forked from Michael Kaminsky)
Enabled MarkDown for codemirror
Small bug fixes
Compressed codemirror
190412 - 1 [0.7.3]
Fixed "close" (X) button is hidding when the zoom was the smallest one.
Cleaned up code
Improved the updates detect infrastructure
Added links to the buttons on the About page on Settings
This changelog didn't start when the project did so, don't expect all commits info to be here.


Atualmente a sua versão beta é distribuída em 4 formas de empacotamento.

Código fonte




Optei pela instalação por snap, caso ainda o seu sistema não esteja pronto para pacotes snap visite o link abaixo.

Suporte Snap e Flatpak para as distribuições GNU/Linux

Para instalar basta executar o comando abaixo no terminal.

sudo snap install graviton --beta

Ai está o Graviton.

Eu estou te ajudando? Faça uma doação!!

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