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Kdenlive 19.08 chega no Debian e derivados

Confira nessa matéria as novidades dessa nova versão do editor de vídeos Kdenlive e a sua chegada no Debian 11 testing.

Kdenlive 19.08

O lançamento foi feito no dia 15 de Agosto de 2019

"A nova versão do Kdenlive, o software de edição de vídeo do KDE, tem um novo conjunto de combinações de teclado e mouse que o ajudarão a se tornar mais produtivo. Você pode, por exemplo, alterar a velocidade de um clipe na linha do tempo pressionando CTRL e arrastando o clipe, ou ativar a visualização em miniatura dos videoclipes segurando a tecla Shift e movendo o mouse sobre a miniatura do clipe na caixa do projeto. Os desenvolvedores também fizeram um grande esforço para a usabilidade, tornando as operações de edição de 3 pontos consistentes com outros editores de vídeo, o que você certamente apreciará se estiver trocando para o Kdenlive de outro editor."

Confira abaixo todas as correções e alterações que o Kdenlive 19.08 recebeu.

Do not setToolTip() for the same tooltip twice. Commit.
Use translations for asset names in the Undo History. Commit.
Fix dropping clip in insert/overwrite mode. Commit.
Fix timeline drag in overwrite/edit mode. Commit.
Fix freeze deleting a group with clips on locked tracks. Commit.
Use the translated effect names for effect stack on the timeline. Commit.
Fix crash dragging clip in insert mode. Commit.
Use the translated transition names in the 'Properties' header. Commit.
Fix freeze and fade ins allowed to go past last frame. Commit.
Fix revert clip speed failing. Commit.
Fix revert speed clip reloading incorrectly. Commit.
Fix copy/paste of clip with negative speed. Commit.
Fix issues on clip reload: slideshow clips broken and title duration reset. Commit.
Fix slideshow effects disappearing. Commit.
Fix track effect keyframes. Commit.
Fix track effects don't invalidate timeline preview. Commit.
Fix effect presets broken on comma locales, clear preset after resetting effect. Commit.
Fix crash in extract zone when no track is active. Commit.
Fix reverting clip speed modifies in/out. Commit.
Fix audio overlay showing up randomly. Commit.
Fix Find clip in bin not always scrolling to correct position. Commit.
Fix possible crash changing profile when cache job was running. Commit.
Fix editing bin clip does not invalidate timeline preview. Commit.
Fix audiobalance (MLT doesn't handle start param as stated). Commit.
Fix target track inconsistencies:. Commit.
Make the strings in the settings dialog translatable. Commit.
Make effect names translatable in menus and in settings panel. Commit.
Remember last target track and restore when another clip is selected. Commit.
Dont' process insert when no track active, don't move cursor if no clip inserted. Commit.
Correctly place timeline toolbar after editing toolbars. Commit.
Lift/gamma/gain: make it possible to have finer adjustments with Shift modifier. Commit.
Fix MLT effects with float param and no xml description. Commit.
Cleanup timeline selection: rubber select works again when starting over a clip. Commit.
Attempt to fix Windows build. Commit.
Various fixes for icon view: Fix long name breaking layout, fix seeking and subclip zone marker. Commit.
Fix some bugs in handling of NVidia HWaccel for proxies and timeline preview. Commit.
Add 19.08 screenshot to appdata. Commit.
Fix bug preventing sequential names when making serveral script renderings from same project. Commit.
Fix compilation with cmake < 3.5. Commit. Fix extract frame retrieving wrong frame when clip fps != project fps. Commit. Fixes bug #409927 Don't attempt rendering an empty project. Commit. Fix incorrect source frame size for transform effects. Commit. Improve subclips visual info (display zone over thumbnail), minor cleanup. Commit. Small cleanup of bin preview thumbnails job, automatically fetch 10 thumbs at insert to allow quick preview. Commit. Fix project clips have incorrect length after changing project fps. Commit. Fix inconsistent behavior of advanced timeline operations. Commit. Fix "Find in timeline" option in bin context menu. Commit. Support the new logging category directory with KF 5.59+. Commit. Update active track description. Commit. Use extracted translations to translate asset descriptions. Commit. Fix minor typo. Commit. Make the file filters to be translatable. Commit. Extract messages from transformation XMLs as well. Commit. Don't attempt to create hover preview for non AV clips. Commit. Add Cache job for bin clip preview. Commit. Preliminary implementation of Bin clip hover seeking (using shift+hover). Commit. Translate assets names. Commit. Some improvments to timeline tooltips. Commit. Reintroduce extract clip zone to cut a clip whithout re-encoding. Commit. See bug #408402 Fix typo. Commit. Add basic collision check to speed resize. Commit. Bump MLT dependency to 6.16 for 19.08. Commit. Exit grab mode with Escape key. Commit. Improve main item when grabbing. Commit. Minor improvement to clip grabbing. Commit. Fix incorrect development version. Commit. Make all clips in selection show grab status. Commit. Fix "QFSFileEngine::open: No file name specified" warning. Commit. Don't initialize a separate Factory on first start. Commit. Set name for track menu button in timeline toolbar. Commit. Pressing Shift while moving an AV clip allows to move video part track independently of audio part. Commit. Ensure audio encoding do not export video. Commit. Add option to sort audio tracks in reverse order. Commit. Warn and try fixing clips that are in timeline but not in bin. Commit. Try to recover a clip if it's parent id cannot be found in the project bin (use url). Commit. See bug #403867 Fix tests. Commit. Default fade duration is now configurable from Kdenlive Settings > Misc. Commit.
Minor update for AppImage dependencies. Commit.
Change speed clip job: fix overwrite and UI. Commit.
Readd proper renaming for change speed clip jobs. Commit.
Add whole hierarchy when adding folder. Commit.
Fix subclip cannot be renamed. Store them in json and bump document version. Commit.
Added audio capture channel & sample rate configuration. Commit.
Add screen selection in screen grab widget. Commit.
Initial implementation of clip speed change on Ctrl + resize. Commit.
Fix FreeBSD compilation. Commit.
Render dialog: add context menu to rendered jobs allowing to add rendered file as a project clip. Commit.
Ensure automatic compositions are compositing with correct track on project opening. Commit.
Fix minor typo. Commit.
Add menu option to reset the Kdenlive config file. Commit.
Motion tracker: add steps parameter. Patch by Balazs Durakovacs. Commit.
Try to make binary-factory mingw happy. Commit.
Remove dead code. Commit.
Add some missing bits in Appimage build (breeze) and fix some plugins paths. Commit.
AppImage: disable OpenCV freetype module. Commit.
Docs: Unbreak menus. Commit.
Sync Quick Start manual with UserBase. Commit.
Fix transcoding crashes caused by old code. Commit.
Reenable trancode clip functionality. Commit.
Fix broken fadeout. Commit.
Small collection of minor improvements. Commit.
Search effects from all tabs instead of only the selected tab. Commit.
Check whether first project clip matches selected profile by default. Commit.
Improve marker tests, add abort testing feature. Commit.
Revert "Trying to submit changes through HTTPS". Commit.
AppImafe: define EXT_BUILD_DIR for Opencv contrib. Commit.
Fix OpenCV build. Commit.
AppImage update: do not build MLT inside dependencies so we can have more frequent updates. Commit.
If a timeline operation touches a group and a clip in this group is on a track that should not be affected, break the group. Commit.
Add tests for unlimited clips resize. Commit.
Small fix in tests. Commit.
Renderwidget: Use max number of threads in render. Commit.
Don't allow resizing while dragging. Fixes #134. Commit.
Revert "Revert "Merge branch '1904'"". Commit.
Revert "Merge branch '1904'". Commit.
Update master appdata version. Commit.


Atualmente o Kdenlive 19.08 está disponível para o Debian 11 Bullseye e suas derivações como Ubuntu 19.10 e suas remasterizações.

Nessas versões basta atualizar o seu sistema e já ira ter o Kdenlive 19.08.

Atualize a lista de pacotes.

sudo apt update

Atualize o sistema.

sudo apt full-upgrade

Ai está.

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